The Three or Four Things…

“It’s frustrating, stressful, and exhausting to try to do the 1,000 things you think you have to do to succeed. It’s also counterproductive. There are probably no more than three or four things you need to focus on as long as you do them exceptionally well.

If you do an extraordinary job on the three or four things that matter the most, not only will you succeed, you will likely succeed far beyond your expectations.”

Be The Best at What Matters Most pg.9

I couldn’t agree more with the excerpt above. As an Activities Director I would routinely find myself trying to do anything and everything, bouncing from one idea or event to the next, and never really finding success! I thought if my leaders and I did this or if we did that, we’d find success and for years we would come up short.

Over the past 5 years my leaders and I have defined the 4 things that we believe if done extraordinary well, we will find success in all that we do as a program.

#1: Take the Initiative (START): leadership programs THRIVE when student leaders act and move and lead without being asked or told.

#2: Have a Positive Enthusiastic Attitude (SPIRIT): our behavior and actions are contagious. As leaders on campus, our attitude ultimately sets the tone for other staff members and students on campus. Activities and events often times are successful, simply because we as leaders had a positive enthusiastic attitude.

#3: Be Service-Oriented (SERVE): leadership success is often found in one’s ability to serve others. When we make leadership less about us and more about others, success will follow. Remember, leadership starts with you, but it’s not about you!

#4: Build Relationship (SHINE): student leaders will find the greatest success when they are shining the spotlight on others. Building great relationships on campus with staff and students is one of the most powerful and fulfilling things we can do as leaders.

I hope this post helps you and your student leaders focus on what matters most. I encourage you to define your 3 or 4 things that will bring your program the greatest amount of success.

Take care,


(If you are in need of help defining your 3 or 4 most important things and are interested in a weekend Student Leadership Training, please reach out to us at:

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