Four Seasons of School Culture is rooted in two key pillars of leadership: Service and Spirit. Student leaders need to have a strong work ethic (service) and an enthusiastic approach to life (spirited). Using the matrix above, student leaders are able to determine their LEADERSHIP TYPE.

Find out what type of leaders are in your program!  Have each leader take this online assessment:  Leadership Assessment

ALL-STAR LEADER:  This leader is ALL IN on service and spirited. They do both things equally well!

SERVANT LEADER: This leader is both service oriented and spirited, but tends to lean more towards service than spirit.

SPIRITED LEADER: This leader is both service oriented and spirited, but tends to lean more towards spirit than service.

BEHIND THE SCENE LEADER: This leader works their tail off behind the scene, but lacks the confidence to display much spirit.

CONVENIENT LEADER: This leader has all the potential in the world, but they are stuck in the middle. There are times this leader is amazing, likewise there are times when this leader is completely neutral and ineffective.

LOUD LEADER: This leader is full of spirit. They are loud. They are crazy. They love to have fun. However, that is about the extent of their impact. They rarely do any work. They come across as lazy or uninterested. They talk, but don’t walk.

ADEQUATE LEADER: This leader is quiet and shy. They don’t mind serving when they are asked or told. They are terrified of being spirited.

MEDIOCRE LEADER: This leader is outgoing and comfortable being spirited. However, they are more concerned about their status and the cool factor than they are about being ALL IN.

LAZY LEADER: This leader is lazy. They lack work ethic and enthusiasm. They are not fit to lead. They are completely checked out and nowhere to be found.