Event Stacking

One of the best ways to increase exposure for your “bigger” events, is to stack a series of smaller events that all lead up to your main event.  For example:

Friday, August 18th is our back to school dance entitled “The Icebreaker Dance”.  This is our MAIN EVENT.  This is the event we want as many students to attend.  So throughout the week, we stack 5 smaller events together to help get people aware of this MAIN EVENT.

  • Week Theme:  I.C.E. Week (Insanely Cold Events / ALL EVENTS ARE connected to the theme)
  • Monday’s Smaller Event:  200ft. Ice Cream Sundae down the middle of campus
  • Tuesday’s Smaller Event:  Slurpee Challenge
  • Wednesday’s Smaller Event:  Frozen T-Shirt Contest
  • Thursday’s Smaller Event:  Ice Cold Staff Dunk Tank
  • Friday’s Smaller Event:  Dance Off Competition
  • Friday Night Main Event:  Icebreaker Dance

All week we have a pre-sale ticket booth strategically set up right next to the smaller events.  All my ASB leaders also have tickets on them to sell to students.  Lastly, we have several winners throughout the week during the smaller events, and their prize is a FREE ticket to the dance.

My student leaders perform this system of Event Stacking throughout the entire year.  With this approach, you gradually create a buzz on campus about the MAIN EVENT taking place, typically on a Friday Night.

Best of Luck!

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